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Is personal websites are important in 2022 ?

This is one of the important question that needs to answered, since in the time of digital revolution where you need to be virtually active either on social medias like facebook,instagram linkedin ,quora or by the means of blogs on websites.

But a very important question is that what should be the type of website for showcasing who am I ? then the answer would come in your mind is that Personal website, then you have the answer.

The personal website can help you to showcase yourself and land you in good profile jobs. But in the busy internet age how someone find you, answer is SEO for your personal websites. There are several reasons for having Personal websites:-

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1.You are going to have your own brand for yourself promotion

For many of us, they will never find anything meaningful – perhaps just a few tweets, or articles you have written. By having a personal website, you get control of your account, as well as what others see when they search. You get to show employers REAL yourself, and I think that’s the most powerful thing you can do.

2. It makes easy to contact you 


Whenever a company management tries to find you on the google it is more or less possible that they would not find you on google but a personal website can help you to figure out this one without giving much effect on you pocket.With weboindia you can get one for very affordable price.

3.You can earn by writing blogs 


This is one of the main reasons why people set up personal websites. Blogs are increasingly becoming a source of revenue. An example of the highest paid sites is Neil Patel (neilpatel.com), who earns more than $ 300,000 USD per month on one of his blogs.

You may not earn much, but imagine if you earn $ 2000 a month, just writing a few blog posts a week! Other ways to make money with your website are affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and advertising, more complex than this post.

4.It can be used for showing your creativity


The thing with a CV / resume is that, while you can add a specific design to it, you are somehow limited to the amount of creativity you can display. They have to get to the point. Websites give you the opportunity to show your creative side, and this can give you a competitive advantage. If you are in the art or design industry, your website can be a place to showcase your portfolio.

5.It makes you more professional 


So what should you put on your website? You could start a blog about yourself or whatever you have expertise in. If you are an innovator, it could be where you keep your portfolio of the work you have done. If you want, your personal website can double as a CV extension. You can describe your work knowledge in detail, with pictures and infographics.

For more information contact weboindia to get more creative and attractive persoanl website for your needs.

Web designing services in Patna- weboindia logo

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