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Why an E-commerce is important for every businesses ?

Something called having your own is the most beautiful feeling in this entire universe either that is your factory or may be your small product. But relying on some one others website or platform for selling your own product is not what we expect from ourselves after we created our product or service with love and far futured. But today it is not very hard to start your own platform i.e. your own E-commerce website .It enables you to take ownership of your brand and protect it from platform rules and suspension, even as those platforms change.

        1.Freedom to sell where you want to

Any eCommerce platform will have their own set of rules ,their limitations, restrictions, and their own requirements that take time and money to meet. But your own store gives you more tools to sell how and what you want.

 A website also enables you to sell wherever you want. You can directly connect to your customers whenever you want because now you would have your own platform where you decide which kind of conversation you want. 

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  1. Increased market opportunities

Cross marketing can increase both your sales and profit . Because now you can sell both coffee and coffee machine .This type of promotional marketing opportunity won’t work if you’re only on a platform like Amazon, because you have to rely on the platform’s capabilities, their policies, and the customer’s willingness to purchase through that platform again.

      3. Decreased cost of commission for per unit sell

Any marketplace you sell on will charge a percentage for the use of their platform. While building and managing your own online store is expensive, you may quickly find that it reduces costs or pays for itself once you drive a higher volume of sales through it.

        4.It creates brand recognition and loyalty towards your products 

Repeat sales are one of the primary factors behind eCommerce growth, simply because selling to an existing customer is easier .Selling from your own website gives you more opportunities to create new customer touchpoints and repeat business, because you can establish your own eCommerce store as the source of the customer’s satisfaction and value.



  1. Online selling is more convenient

These days people are shopping more on internet rather than going to physical stores because they found it is more convenient method to found that same thing on internet. What customers have to do now just go to google and tell what you want and ‘booooommmm’ you got it ! so it is an method where it can be done within some minutes or may be in some seconds.

  1. It involves lower risk than some physical stores

An online selling or your e-commerce platform involves very less risk as compared to some other physical modes. Since it requires less workforce and the reduced chances of shoplifting, rogue workers and damages to goods that can often happen in a physical shop.

  1. It has higher conversion rate

Potential buyer which bought your products before it is more favourable situation that they will buy the next shopping from your website. So, it has more conversion rate than some other physical methods.

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